Motion for Branches. National Conference December 2018


Please support and send this motion to Labor’s leadership between now and our 2018
National Conference which takes place in December.

“That …………………. Branch calls on an incoming Labor Government to end all offshore
detention and transfer all refugees and people seeking asylum to either New Zealand, the
US, a safe third country that the refugee or person seeking asylum accepts, or bring them to
Australia. Any refugee that is suffering physical or mental health problems as a result of their
detention should be brought to Australia for care and treatment within the first 100 days of a
Labor government.

That this Branch further calls on an incoming Labor Government to action 2015 National
Conference Policy and within the first 100 days of government, initiate with the UNHCR the
processing of refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia so that those who are refugees
may be safely settled in Australia or a third country.”

Send this motion to your FEC, the Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Protection
Shayne Neumann at and your electorate’s delegate(s) to National Conference, with a copy to the Leader of the
Opposition Bill Shorten at