Refugee motions from Branches

Randwick-Coogee Branch 21 August 2017

The Branch supports the Labor Party working towards a humane solution to the refugees and asylum seekers situations on Manus Island and Nauru.

Summer Hill Branch 15 February 2017

A motion was carried unanimously by members of ALP Summer Hill Branch endorsing the Refugee Council of Australia statement urging Labor to lead in the formation of the bipartisan commitment to bring asylum seekers from Manus Island and Nauru to safety. A further motion was carried that Labor publicly clarify that the people (people seeking asylum and refugees) banished by Australia to Manus Island and Nauru are not illegal immigrants.

The RCOA statement headed Bring These People to Australia, is an open letter from civil society to PM Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition leader Bill Shorten
Labor for Refugees signed this statement which appeared in The Australian on 6/2/17. The ad was tabled and circulated. It follows:
Organisations from around the country representing
millions of Australians have joined
together to call for urgent action on Manus Island
and Nauru.
We, as a coalition of organisations and community g
roups from around Australia, are writing to
express our concern regarding the humanitarian cris
is that Australia has created.
Successive Australian governments have managed and
funded offshore detention camps on Manus
Island and Nauru. The people detained there are cle
arly Australia’s responsibility. This situation has
reached crisis point, and immediate action must be
Beyond the reports of physical and sexual abuse, in
cluding of children; inadequate medical attention;
suicides and attempted suicides; even a murder; the
extinguishment of hope has pushed people to
the edge.
Many of these people have been recognised as refuge
es. We owe them protection and safety now.
Meanwhile, politicians are spending years engaged i
n lengthy negotiations as to the fate of these
men, women and children. With the US resettlement d
eal in serious doubt, the most obvious and
humane solution is to clear the camps and bring the
se people to Australia until a safe long term,
appropriate outcome for them can be guaranteed.
We do not have years. Australia cannot allow anothe
r person to die or suffer because of our
negligence. This race to the bottom, this cruel gam
e of human ping pong, must end.
This is a crisis. We are calling on both major part
ies to form a bipartisan commitment to immediately
evacuate the camps and bring these people to safety