Current Correspondence

We raise issues within the Party and share information from external bodies. Here are some of the issues we are currently raising:

  1. Letter sent on 27 September 2019 requesting that the Opposition MPs, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, Senator Penny Wong, and Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus initiate an inquiry in Parliament into the conduct of Judge Sandy Street. The inquiry is to make a finding whether there has been proven misbehaviour within the meaning of Section 72 of the Constitution. Awaiting response.
  2. Letter dated 25 October 2019 to Senator Kristina Keneally regarding the plight of the Burundi refugees, asking her to raise this matter in the Senate and demand the Government raise this letter with the UN Human Rights Council as soon as practical. Awaiting response.
  3. Letter dated 29 November 2019 sent to Senator Kristina Keneally regarding the detention of two Saudi Arabian homosexual men in Villiawood, asking her to lobby for them to remain in the community on bridging visas while their applications for asylum are processed. Awaiting response.
  4. Letter dated 29 November 2019 sent to Senator Kristina Keneally regarding Chapter 9 of the National Platform ‘A Fair Go for All’ which does not mention work rights except for the reference to lobbying countries of first asylum asking them to provide a number of services to refugees, including work rights; urging Labor in government to grant these rights. Awaiting response.
  5. Letter dated 15 January 2020 sent by the L4R National Coordinating Committee sent to Senator Kristina Keneally about the appalling conditions for refugees in the Bomana Prison in Port Moresby. The remain detainees were removed from Bomana on 23 January 2020.