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Labor for Refugees members have been working since 2001 to seek a just and fair Labor Party policy on refugees and people seeking asylum. Labor for Refugees has been instrumental in the improvements to National Policy at the National Conferences of the ALP including the December 2018 Conference in Adelaide. In 2019, our parliament, with Labor’s support, agreed that sick refugees and asylum seekers detained indefinitely on Nauru and Manus Island should receive the medical care they need. The Coalition has now overturned that little bit of humanity. There is still work to be done to complete a policy that is, as Anthony Albanese has said, tough on border security without being weak on humanity. If you are a party member or trade unionist who wants Labor to have an unequivocally decent policy on people seeking asylum and refugees, one wholly based on the Labor values of compassion, fairness, and generosity, please join us.

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Many members of Labor for Refugees are also supporters and members of the Refugee Council of Australia.

Resources for teaching about justice and compassion for refugees.

Know the facts about refugees from a trusted source.

The Drownings Argument – Book Launch- Read the welcome by Verity Firth. Did you miss out on the book? You can place an order here.

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