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Articles about Sri Lanka’s civil war and about Lebanese migration to Australia – interesting reading

Judith Betts, 2019, ‘Malcolm Fraser’s real mistake’, Inside Story, 12 April 2019.

Judith Betts and Mehal Krayem, 2019. ‘Strategic Othering: Framing Lebanese Migration and Fraser’s ‘mistake”, Australian Journal of Politics and History: Volume 65, Number 1, 2019, pp.100–114.

Judith Betts and Claire Higgins, ‘The Sri Lankan Civil War and Australia’s Migration Policy Response: a historical case study with contemporary implications’ (2017) 4(2) Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies 272,

Can you help Shakti?

Shakti is a great organisation which assists migrant and refugee women.

Shakti Australia Ltd (Shakti NSW Facebook )

Shakti provides culturally competent support services for women and families from Asian, African and Middle Eastern communities across Australia, and especially those who are asylum seekers and refugees.

Shakti Australia has operated in Victoria since 2011 and in NSW since 2014 providing support and services to asylum seeker and refugee families and new migrants based on need.  It provides advocacy, social outreach work, support for safe refuge/housing, interpretation, awareness-raising on domestic violence affecting immigrant families, women’s support group activities, and activities relating to physical and mental health.  Shakti works with government agencies, and partners with health, education, and legal agencies to promote women’s and children’s rights, safety and well-being in Australia.

Want to know more about Shakti?…..go to the Shakti International web page for more information and advice on how to make a donation to this very worthy cause.  Donations are very welcome and are tax deductible. 

Shakti International

Contact: Dr Sabrin Farooqui

National Coordinator

Shakti Australia Ltd


English class for Rohingya women

Job readiness program

Shakti’s workshop on International Women’s Day 2019 

English class for disadvantaged women

Sewing class for Disadvantaged women

AGM 2019

L4R NSW held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday evening.  We had a wonderful guest speaker in Dr Daniel Ghezelbash who heads Macquarie University’s new Social Justice Clinic.  He teaches courses in administrative law, human rights, refugee law and social justice advocacy and operates a pro bono refugee law practice and is a Special Counsel at the National Justice Project. Dan is also a member of the management committee of Refugee Advice and Casework Services, the only dedicated free refugee legal centre in NSW. He has written a book Refuge Lost: Asylum Law in an Interdependent World, which examines the spread of mandatory detention, maritime interdiction and offshore processing policies from the United States to Australia and beyond. Dan spoke about Australia’s current hard-line asylum policies which could trigger a race to the bottom, with the potential to completely unravel the international refugee protection system.

At our AGM we held our election.  Two new positions of Junior Vice-Presidents were added to the NSW Executive.  The following members were elected as Office Bearers. 

Co-Convenors (2):  Jenny Haines & Shane Prince

Vice President: Mairi Petersen

Jnr Vice Presidents (2):  Sabrin Farooqui & Shannen Potter

Treasurer & Social Media: Jenny Haines

Secretary:  Nizza Siano

Assistant Secretary & Webmaster:  Cath Crittenden

National Co-ordinating Committee Members (3): Nizza Siano, Jenny Haines, Shane Prince

Returning Officer:  Chris Haviland.