Can you help Shakti?

Shakti is a great organisation which assists migrant and refugee women.

Shakti Australia Ltd (Shakti NSW Facebook )

Shakti provides culturally competent support services for women and families from Asian, African and Middle Eastern communities across Australia, and especially those who are asylum seekers and refugees.

Shakti Australia has operated in Victoria since 2011 and in NSW since 2014 providing support and services to asylum seeker and refugee families and new migrants based on need.  It provides advocacy, social outreach work, support for safe refuge/housing, interpretation, awareness-raising on domestic violence affecting immigrant families, women’s support group activities, and activities relating to physical and mental health.  Shakti works with government agencies, and partners with health, education, and legal agencies to promote women’s and children’s rights, safety and well-being in Australia.

Want to know more about Shakti?…..go to the Shakti International web page for more information and advice on how to make a donation to this very worthy cause.  Donations are very welcome and are tax deductible. 

Shakti International

Contact: Dr Sabrin Farooqui

National Coordinator

Shakti Australia Ltd


English class for Rohingya women

Job readiness program

Shakti’s workshop on International Women’s Day 2019 

English class for disadvantaged women

Sewing class for Disadvantaged women