Labor for Refugees’ proposed changes to Labor’s Platform

The ALP National Policy Forum considers proposals for amendments to Labor’s National Platform in the lead up to each National Conference. The ALP National Conference occurs only once every three years, so we have taken this opportunity to make our contribution to policy changes at the next Conference which takes place in Adelaide on 26-28 July 2018. We will lobby for these changes right up to the Conference

The current 2015 ALP National Platform: A smart, modern, fair Australia.

Labor for Refugees submitted proposed amendments to the ALP National Policy Forum in October 2017.  These amendments are made to the section in Labor’s Platform on Migration and Refugees, which appears in Chapter 9, A Fair Go for All. The changes we urge the Labor Party to adopt are highlighted in purple here.

Please publicise our amended version of Chapter 9, and ask other members of the Party, through their Branches and Federal Electorate Councils, to endorse them. We need to let the Party know that ALP Branches and Federal Electorate Councils support these important changes to Labor’s refugee policy.